Facts to Know About Financing Bail Bonds

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In case you end up in jail, and you have no money to pay your bond to be released, you may have to seek the services of a bail bonds company. The company will post a surety bond on your behalf, with the promise that you will appear in court when needed. The company will, in turn, charge a small fee as payment. There are many exciting facts about financing for bail bonds using bail bonds Riverside, some of which are highlighted below.

Bail Bonds Have Existed for a Long Time

bail moneyContrary to what many people think, bail bonds are not a common thing. Bail bonds have been in the justice system for quite a long time. It is in 1898, more than one century ago, that the first bail bonds system was formally set. Peter McDonough is the man responsible for setting up the first bail bonds system. However, there is some evidence that such arrangements were existent long before that, from as early as 2750 B.C.

Bail Bonds Help Individuals Show up for Their Court Sessions

The cost associated with bail bonds usually leaves many clients wondering whether using such services is a good idea. Some statistics show that bail bonds do have some benefits, other than getting you released from jail. The statistics show that about 75 percent of offenders released usually fail to return to court when needed. The percentage for those released through bail bonds, however, is much higher.

Making the Court Date Might Not Be Enough

Many people think that they only need to show up in court on the specified dates after being released on bond. That can be true in some cases, but not all of them. Some individuals are required to take other actions such as enrolling in a drug or alcohol rehabilitation program or remaining in a specified city or state, as the court will direct.court justice

The State Usually Regulates Bond Fees

The state does regulate bond fees to ensure that the bail bond agencies and companies adhere to the set regulations. As the accused, you should not have to worry about bargaining at such a time, as the rates are standardized. The only thing that should concern you is how good the services of the bail bonds company are, and what percentage they will charge you for the service fee.

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