Business Marketing: Making the Most out of Google Ads Automation

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Stop wasting time in manually managing Google Ads. Automation and artificial intelligence are some of the advanced technologies of the twenty-first century. They have enabled a lot of utilities such as auto-complete, self-driving cars, and machine robotics in the surgical field. They assist these progressions to happen with little to no human input.

Google AdWords is one of the beneficiaries of this technology. Google AdWords is a program by Google, which was formed in the wake of the new century 2000. It’s an online service that helps businesses post; product listings, services, video content, and advertisements online to targeted audiences. The Automation feature has been used in various circumstances to enable effective continuity.

Here are some ways to make the most out of Google Ads Automation.

Automated Bidding Strategy

Choosing the right automated bidding strategy is key, ensuring you make the most out of the automation features. There are various bidding strategies in the market. However, it is up to the business owner to study and settle on which one works best of them depending on the nature of their business. Here are some of the common ones;

1. Target Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
2. vCPM Bidding
3. Maximize Conversions
4. Maximize Click
6. Manual CPC Bidding
7. Target Outranking Share
8. CPM Bidding
9. Target Search Page Location

One should take into consideration what to do, depending on specific demographics. This can include things such as gender, geolocation, age groups, active times, and, most importantly, the goal of the advert an individual is posting.

Maximize on AdWords Script Features

Arguably the most effective yet complicated feature on the program. This is mainly because they involve a lot of coding and therefore scare people away from it. However, people don’t know that you can copy code from existing scripts. Thankfully Google has a library full of scripts one can copy and apply. Some of the functions of scripts are;

a) Create detailed reports
b) Create account alerts
c) Tweak bids
d) Change budgets
e) Automate negative keyword lists

You can find the scripts by going to the bulk actions segment and clicking on scripts.

Automate Rules for Auto-Pilot Optimizations

Sometimes the ad acquisition prices fluctuate due to different market reasons. You can manage this by setting rules that automate dropping bids when they are too high and acquiring when they are low at cost. The most effective way to do this is by heading to the bulk actions section and changing the rules to fit your ad strategy.

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